Art from gourds

Serena Kovalosky came over yesterday with some of her work that will be in the first show in the Pig Barn Gallery.  In keeping with the theme of the exhibit, From the Everyday to Art,  Serena makes art from gourds.

Gourds were made into  some of the first vessels used my Native American to hold food and water.   They were eventually decorated and became functional works of art.

Serena works with this history in mind and intuitively carves and burns designs into the gourds.  Evoking religious iconic paintings, she often gilds the insides transforming the gourd into a complex and personal piece of art.

2 thoughts on “Art from gourds

  1. Since you showed us some of Serena’s work on exhibit many months ago, I was in touch with her and am a very proud owner of two of her smaller pieces. They both resonate with their own, very individual energy…an energy that almost feel ancient and familiar. She is truly gifted.

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