Went to Cambridge  NY this morning and took a video of Jack  Metzger in his Gallery and Antique shop.  This time my flip was working.   I still have to edit it, so stay tuned.

Then Sara Friedman showed me how to disconnect the sound on my videos from the image and move it to other images.   Now I can do even more creative editing.  Can’t wait to try it out.

I got my lights for the Pig Barn.  Four 22′ industrial ceiling lights.  The building is too tall for track lighting, but these should light up the barn with and even white light. They’ll be installed next week.  And an email from Vistaprint informed me that they shipped the invitations today.

Then I pieced together, backed and started to tack my latest quilt for the Third Thursday Art Walk  in Glens Falls.  I’ll be hanging it the first week in May.  I’m hoping to get another  small quilt done next week and have 2 quilts and 7 or 8 potholders to show.

5 thoughts on “Today

  1. Hi Maria,You really had a fruitful day! Such accomplishments in a single day. This cold rainy weather here is starting to get monotonous.
    This quilt is beautiful. I recognize several of the fabrics. I especially love the “Miss Kitty” lamp and where you placed it. Just lovely!

  2. The bedside lamps in the rooms up over “Miss Kitty’s” saloon in “Gunsmoke”. She’d show you to your room and reach down and light one for you. 🙂

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