I’m calling my new pieces Streaming.  It was my sister Fran who referred to them that way and it seemed right.    When someone else used the same term it seemed an affirmation.

My latest, is called Love Me a Lesson. I’m still figuring out the process.  For this one, if one image didn’t lead to another, I stopped and stared at the space around the images until I saw a picture or words in the blank space.

I found my self drawing a hooded sweatshirt, an article of clothing I’ve been wearing  since I was a teenager. I was going back in time.  Then the image of a wire hanger came to me and with it all those associations I haven’t thought of in years:  using a wire hanger to break into my car when I locked the keys in, a “sculpture” my grandmother made in the doorway of our living room hooking wire hangers on each other forming a curtain, abortion horror stories and Mommie Dearest.

The border came to me slowly, but once I found the silk blouse I knew it was right.  Alternated with the darker rayon blouse, it reminded me of gold leaf.   The inner border is from a “Gees Bend” fabric collection that someone sent me a while ago.  (Thank you!)

All of it sacred in it’s own way.

4 thoughts on “Streaming

  1. I know I keep saying this, but these are amazing. Every time I look at them I not only see something new but it makes me think of new images/memories of my own. I will have to send you a photo of a box I once did in pen and ink from a sort of free drawing experiment. I think you’d like it. I’d really like to buy one of these streaming pieces as well. So let me know when you have something available. I’ll send you a separate message about my collage process. I am glad you are continuing these they are really powerful. It reminds me of the freewriting/stream of consciousness writing I have my memoir students do.

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