Kim Gifford’s spiritual achievement

"Child of God" by Kim Gifford

I met Kim at the Woodstock Writers Festival but I didn’t see her photography until we became friends on facebook.  I was  initially drawn to her collages because of  the mix of images and the fairytale themes.  They often have a Victorian feeling, of darkness, danger and things hidden, but this is juxtaposed with contemporary imagery.  Here it’s Red Riding Hood, in a hooded sweatshirt instead of a cape.  The Pug is obviously her guardian, a modern day gargoyle.

Kim uses pieces of rejected photos to make her colleges, starting with one image,  then adding to it.  “…all these photo’s I have are my paint palette and as I start working photos just come to mind much in the same way a painter knows what color to use.”    “…after putting the photo elements together, I paint or draw some in Photoshop on the piece, and then on most, print them out and use hand drawn pastel pencils and oil pastels to add texture.”  Like the imagery, the  painting techniques are both contemporary and traditional.

Her pieces develop on a subconscious level.  The Emu was supposed to be the villain, later Kim found out  that it’s a symbol of spiritual achievement.  This insight make the piece even more complex.  It refers to an innate fear of the spiritual and self awareness.

This is the mystery of Kim’s work, there is always more to be revealed.  The power lies in the seemingly vulnerable being braving the darkness.

5 thoughts on “Kim Gifford’s spiritual achievement

  1. Thanks so much Maria-its wonderful to read your interpretation of my work. I’m so pleased other people are getting to see it. Your line about “the seemingly vulnerable being facing the darkness” is spot on, I think you’re right, it is at the heart of my work. Thanks again.

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