Sacred Space

Sage hanging on the inside of the Pig Barn Gallery door

A few days ago I asked Mary Muncil, (the minister at our wedding and spiritual counselor) to bless the Pig Barn.  She said she would be happy to do it, but that I should  bless it also,  with my intentions for the gallery.

This morning after and especially moving visit with the donkeys, I went directly to the Pig Barn. My heart already open.  I walked into the space and opened my arms.  I never thought before of this gesture that often comes with blessings, I wasn’t thinking of it this morning either, it’s just what I found myself doing.

Then I started to speak, and move around the inside of the barn.  Unprepared words flowed from my mouth.  My heart felt soft and warm and the palms of my hands started to tingle.  I asked for kindness and love and to be open and inclusive.  I could feel a warm surge of energy coming from the ground into my feet and through my body.   I asked for well being and for  all the people both artists and visitors, who gather in the barn to get from it what they need most.  Whether it be support, encouragement, a feeling of belonging, a good conversation, a piece of art or simply a nice way to spend the day.

My  whole body began to tingle as I felt the warmth of energy rush through me as if I were in a stream of light that flowed through the souls of my feet out the top of my head.

Then I gave it up.  I handed it over to what ever was moving through me. ” I trust you” I said “to make this space and this event be what it needs to be.”   There were tears in my eyes as I felt absolute surrender and trust.

9 thoughts on “Sacred Space

  1. You’ve had one of those moments, connecting with the Universe, that you will never forget. How beautiful!

  2. WOW,
    Maria, what a beautiful sacred moment you had to indoctrinate your special place! When we open ourselves to the universe, we may receive its vibrations, and have powerful thoughts and feelings as a result.
    A very special space, the PiG Barn is becoming.
    I wish you well …..and wish also that I could come to your opening…..

  3. How lovely, Maria. Thank you for sharing that spiritual moment and such intimate feelings. The barn will continue to be transformed in to something beautiful.

  4. This was very moving, I had tears as I read it. I would love to experience the positive energy that is now in that holy space.

  5. All I can say is, wow! And that doesn’t really come close to describing what I felt as I read your words Maria. thank you for sharing your sacred experience and making your moment with the divine also my moment, thru you. We are all connected with a common thread, I think. Blessings, always

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