“You are not your job”

Jon, with his new red hat, in the Portland Art Museum

From what I’ve seen of Portland it almost looks like a fake city to me.  It’s small and busy, but not congested.  It’s clean, genial and accepting.  It feels new, fresh and young , yet wise.   It seems to care about people and nature and art and aesthetics.  And as Chuck Palahinuk says in Fight Club, “you are not your job”.  Identity seems to come more from choosing to call Portland home, than how you earn a living there.

It’s lovely, and if the sun shone more, it may just be as good as it gets.

7 thoughts on ““You are not your job”

  1. Come visit Santa Cruz. It’s not as big as Portland, has many of the same attributes (and more), and it has SUN! Consider it an open-ended invitation.

  2. It was truly wonderful and very special to meet you and Jon in person last night!! May the rest of your trip be full of LOVE!

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