Hula Hoop Girl

At one of Jon’s reading, a woman came up to me and told me that my worked touch her.   She said was inspired to start quilting again,  after many years of not quilting. She loved the freedom of seeing quilts as paintings instead of following traditional patterns and quilting rules.

I didn’t know this woman was even looking at my blog.  It makes me think of the people we touch in ways we may never know,  just by being who we are.   I believe when we are being our authentic selves we have a greater ability to affect more people.   A person’s passion, fully expressed, is infectious.

In Portland we listened to  a street band “All the Apparatus”  on Saturday night.  There were 6 or 7 band members and their music and passion was intoxicating.  There was a dancing pirate and a couple of girls with hula hoops.

I never imagined watching someone in a  hula hoop could be so mesmerizing.   I was hooked,  as song after song the hoop spun around the hula hoop girl.  There was something dark about her performance like she belonged to another time of side shows and traveling circuses.  She was serious, professional,  relentless and thoroughly entertaining.   I only wished I had told the hula hoop girl how much I enjoyed watching her and how I’ll never think of a hula hoop the same again.       So now I’m one of those people out there, that was touched by the hula hoop girl, yet she’ll never know.

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  1. Beautiful post Maria! I hope it’s okay as I used your quote – “A person’s passion, fully expressed, is infectious.” as my fb status today and gave you credit. Well said! Thank you.

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