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A while back  the artists who are in the first show at the Pig Barn Gallery got together for lunch and talked about the show.   Here’s a glimpse of that afternoon,  Serena was the only one who couldn’t make it, and I’m behind the camera, you can see Diane Swanson, Jack Metzer, Mary Kellogg and Jon. Click here for the video: From the Everyday to Art


3 thoughts on “From the Everyday to Art

  1. I wish you and all the artists best wishes for a wonderful show this weekend. Wish I could be there, too. Unfortunately, my husband and I, our two donkeys and dog live in the mountains of Colorado and will only be able to enjoy the experience through your blog and Jon’s. Your journey with your art has been a pleasure to watch and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your delightful drawings that have been reworked into your other art pieces. Will you continue with Rita in any of your current works? Will the animals play a role in any of the drawings at some point? Thank you for being so open with your thoughts and experiences with all of us out here. I’ve enjoyed your journey.

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