Earth under my feet

This is my first attempt at a quilt since coming home from NYC.  I’ll have to look at it again tomorrow and see if it makes any sense.  It’s good to be home.  Somehow standing on the earth and knowing there is just more earth under me feels better than standing on a floor 15 stories above the ground with tunnels and trains below that is unsettling.

I didn’t always feel this way,  I grew up close enough to NYC to know it pretty well, but since moving upstate, going back always surprises me.  We spent a lot of time walking around and sitting in parks just looking and watching.   There’s so much to see, sometimes too much.   I found myself fascinated with peoples shoes.   I know it sounds like a stereotype, but the styles  were so varied, I couldn’t help staring.  You just don’t get that in Washington County.

So I’m glad to be home, even if the shoes aren’t as interesting.  It’s quiet and it smells good and even when I’m in the house, I know the earth is not so far below me.

10 thoughts on “Earth under my feet

  1. Like it a lot Maria, it’s completely summer, love the flowers with the denim. Welcome back home. I’m inspired, tomorrow I will plant my sunflowers!

  2. My first impression of this quilt happened before I read the post that is with it. I thought that it looked like a combination of nature among stones (the flowers among the blue cloth (denim?). This was strictly my own view of it, but how interesting that you’ve commented about your two lives this past week….being in the city and being home in the country. I don’t pretend to even guess what your interpretation was. Just sharing mine.

  3. Love this quilt. Liked Suzannes’ interpretation. I also saw water and was thinking how it would look with flowers sprinkled over it. I think it’s wonderful how one person’s inspiration can expand anothers.

  4. Welcome home to your own peaceful place. It’s yours! Isn’t that great?I hate to admit it but I’m a big shoe watcher too. You can really tell alot about a person if you notice their shoes.(Wasn’t that in Forrest Gump?)
    I see your sandals and Frieda’s sweet paws. Funny how these are pictured here with this entry and that vibrating Spring Quilt! I love it. It would look so great on our bed. I feel some hippy to it.
    Hi to Frieda, Cindy

  5. I love this quilt Maria. It has a little something for everyone of every walk of life. It is a wonderful celebration of life, and will bring spring to whoever owns it, on the coldest of winter days. Ill bet its sold…..

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