Mother at the Pig Barn Gallery

Mother was checking out the art tonight…

she didn’t get a chance to jump on the table with Jon’s notecards…

but she had a good long look at one of Serena’s pieces…

and was startled by one of Jack’s sculptures….

but couldn’t quite reach Diane’s Fusion Art.

5 thoughts on “Mother at the Pig Barn Gallery

  1. These photos reflect the serenity and hallowedness of this space. I love to see Mother and Lenore being such a natural part of it all. There’s such a goodness that emanates, from the beauty of the art and the barn, and the spirit that is present in all of it. I wish you well.

  2. The gallery looks wonderful! So many interesting pieces to see (and buy).
    The feel of the space comes right through the photos….I can only imagine how great it feels to be standing in it. Excellent job, Maria. I’m there in spirit!

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