Opening Day at the Pig Barn Gallery

People came from Chicago and South Carolina and Hebron NY for the opening reception at the Pig Barn Gallery.  It was a lovely day, meeting nice and interesting people and seeing old friends.   Jon introduced Mary Kellogg  who read some poems and Serena, Jack and Diane spoke a bit about their work. (I did too, but I was behind the camera not in front of it)   Everyone visited with the donkeys, Fanny, Lulu and Simon.  Lenore greeted everyone and Rose herded sheep while Izzy watched from the front yard.  Even Freida came out to say hello.  We sold lots of art and are looking forward to another enjoyable day tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Opening Day at the Pig Barn Gallery

  1. Thank you Maria and Jon for opening up your art gallery and farm. It was a pleasure to meet you. We had a great time viewing the art, visiting Simon and watching Rose at work. Glad to have the potholders and note cards to remind us of a beautiful day.

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