Sunday at the Pig Barn Gallery

I spent my day inside the gallery meeting and talking to people and selling art, but I know there was a whole other world going on outside the gallery.  Jon introduced Simon to everyone who wanted to meet him and then herded sheep with Rose.  It was more enjoyable and exhausting than I imagined and I’m burning with ideas for the next show.

I think it’s going to take me a day or two to absorb the whole thing,  now I’m going to have a cup of tea and read until I fall asleep.

Jon with Freida introducing the artists. My Mom's on the right


13 thoughts on “Sunday at the Pig Barn Gallery

  1. Certainly not stuffy; decidedly not off-putting; no one’s nose was in the air; everyone (especially the dogs) looked right at home and comfortable. See, you did it, Maria! Galleries, museums,shows don’t have to be intimidating or cold. This one just looked like LOVE.

  2. What if art is learning how to bake bread? hoof a donkey? herd sheep? quilt? write? paint? all that. So it seems to me that the Pig Gallery (so beautiful) is about many diverse things, all could be considered art.

    You have a unique opportunity here to show so many functional art forms. And to stretch the boundaries of what people think “art” is. Go for it. Show the world.

    It takes courage to open up the space that is your home to folks who want to see what goes on there. Simon is synchronicity, the timing seems serendipitous. There for a reason you brought him here that may only be clear in hind sight. But thank you, and Jon, for such kindness and caring to him. It resonates very far, to so many. He is such a rascal!

    Keep up the mission of the gallery–it is unique, special, available, and personal.

  3. Wonderful Maria…I’ve been rooting for here in Ohio! So exciting to see what you created and how well received the art, the dogs and the donkeys were! Your excitement and creativity is almost palpable – can’t wait to see and hear about your new ideas for the next show! Inspiring…

  4. Wow! What a lovely w/e it was! The video and the photos are great. I am so glad to see Frieda could be included.My,my isn’t she the socialized dog now?
    The gallery looked so different with the artists,visitors,Jon,your Mom,all the art in place,lovely plants and the vibrant, hippy spring flowered quilt hanging.
    Can’t wait to hear your plans for your next show! It’s like while we’re actually away, we’re planning our next trip!
    Happiness, Cindy

  5. Maria, I am so intrigued with your “streaming” concept . . . I am not very good with words, unlike you and Jon, but here tis – it’s uniquely you and I love it. I cannot wait to see what you do next. I enjoyed Sunday’s show and seeing Simon and hearing his story. There is a unseen umbrella of peace I sense at Bedlam Farm . . . it’s very calming to me and I enjoyed being there. Congratulations on your first anniversary!

    1. It’s helpful to hear what moves people and why so thanks for writing and for coming to the show. I too have always found the farm a comforting place.

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