Leaving the Tribe

Back in the studio and it feels good.  It’s hot enough to sweat just sitting and sewing, and I’m loving that too.  I sold three Streaming pieces at the show at the Pig Barn, and when I got in the studio this morning an image came to mind so I sat down at the machine and go to it.

I recently heard the idea of “breaking away from the tribe”  a ceremony that takes place in some aboriginal cultures.  This is part of the process of a person finding their authentic self.  They leave the “tribe” behind and go inside themselves to discover their own truths.  On the body,  the”tribe” corresponds with the lower part of the body, the first 2  chakras that have to do with grounding.

From there, other images and words came…. migration and water, movement and security.  Then I ran out of purple thread.  Obviously, it’s time to stop until tomorrow when I can get more thread.


3 thoughts on “Leaving the Tribe

  1. I love it, Maria! Every time I take another look, I see something more. Can’t wait to see the finished article. Congratulations on a successful art show – I just wish I lived close enough that I could have come.

  2. It’s good to leave the tribe to find your authentic self, just as it’s good to know what tribe you belong to. Love your streaming, Maria. – SerenaK

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