Izzy, Bold and Bright

As I was finishing up my latest quilt (I had hung it in the show in the Pig Barn Gallery even though it wasn’t quite done)  Izzy came and laid down in front of it.  He actually placed his head on the yellow yarn and of course, being Izzy, he stayed that way as if posing for a picture.

I made the quilt “City Flowers” after spending 6 days in New York City with Jon on his book tour.   On the train ride home I kept thinking of the box of old jeans in my studio.   The first thing I did when I got into studio was lay out the jeans on the floor.   The flowered polyester  skirt seemed the perfect juxtaposition.  I filled in the spaces with potholder scraps.  It came together pretty quickly.  I had been away from the studio for so long I think it was just building up inside of me.

It was sold before I even got to sew it together,( which is why I felt it was Okay to hang unfinished in the show).  Some quilts are slow, and even thought it was brewing inside of me for some time,  this one seems quick not only in making and selling it, but in the way it looks.  Bold and bright it’s impact is instantaneous.


3 thoughts on “Izzy, Bold and Bright

  1. Another sweet photo. This quilt really does appear to have been “burst” rather than made. I just love it. Cindy

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