I made this video, but I’m not  quite sure what it’s about.   It has to do with multiples, and there’s a suggestion of couples within that.  I like the way the imagery,color, texture, and sound work together.  Although I’m very familiar with them, Jon feels that not all the imagery is  recognizable.  In my mind, it doesn’t have to be if it works abstractly.  But I am curious if anyone else doesn’t know what the images are.  So have a look and let me know.

9 thoughts on “Couples

  1. Ok, so truth be told, I’m not artistic and didn’t understand it. But I loved the editing and beauty of the film. It couldn’t have been more intriguing to me. Thanks for capturing it.

    1. It’s great to think I’ve communicated with someone who sees themselves as not being artistic. Although from your comment it sounds like you are artistic. Thanks

  2. It’s true. Some of the imagery is not recognizable (unlike, unfortunately, Little Baby) however, I find the shoes very interesting especially the saunterer (If thats even a word).

    1. I took a lot of walking shoes video in NYC and that was the only saunterer (good word even if it isn’t one) I loved the slow foot falls of his feet, they seemed thoughtful, and somehow a bit menacing. Maybe just because they were so different from the rest. I nice to know you share my thoughts on Little Baby.

  3. I love this Maria! You seem to have such a way with these visual stories! At first glance I see a lot of consuming and consumerism here – the chotskies, beads, jewerly in the window, the Chinese cats, even the people walking in the city reminds me of consumerism, then you have the animals — birds and is it donkeys or goats with sugar cube or something like that, the wine glasses and salt and pepper shakers. I’d have to think about what the meaning is to me, but I love that the images are left to your imagination, just glimpses. I like things that make us think — like my collages. I don’t want it too defined. There is also a color and flow here to this. Beautiful! I’m attending a class on creating videos on Thursday. Hope I’ll learn a lot. This is great.

  4. I especially love the draping jewels at the 10 second mark and of course the pooch promenade in the opening frame. Very cool footwork shots, too.

    For some reason the jewelry shot reminds me of those oldtime Easter eggs you could peer into. Quite absorbing!

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