Where Grace Comes In

I was tacking my latest quilt when I stopped to watch a Bobby McFarrin video and noticed how he uses his whole body when making music.   As I went back to work I realized, for the first time, how my body is a part of my work.   I lay my quilts out on the floor, constantly bending and straightening, I  crawl around them rearranging pieces of fabric and pinning them together,  I stand on my desk to get a different view, sometimes I even step on them.  I hang my quilt from the ceiling when tacking, walking from front to back to pull the yarn through and tie it.  I circle it and lift it,  walk around it and crawl under it.   It drapes over my arms and I bunch it up in my hands.  It’s like a dance, an embrace.

I never thought of the physicality of my quilts before.  Once they leave me another dance begins with the person who buys them.  They hang the quilt on the wall  encountering them face on during the day.   They place them on a bed or chair, personal and intimate furniture.  They wrap them around their body or lay them on their lap.  They are about beauty and comfort, warmth and nurturing.

Making them makes me feel good and people loving them and using them make us both feel good.

Bobby Mc Ferrin said he wants his music to  make people feel joy.  He said “When you take them to that place, you open up a space where grace comes in.”

Whether I’m sharing the process on my website, showing or selling my work or curating a show at the Pig Barn Gallery, I want to do the same.


13 thoughts on “Where Grace Comes In

  1. Happy Summer Solstice Maria!! You pour your soul into each of your quilts, it always shows. Your quilts begin in such a humble way and with your love and patience and talent bloom into lovely creations. I often study mine in the mornings – tracing the buttons and ties that are subtle wonderful accents.

  2. Your work has filled me with joy. I love the concept of Grace. My daughter and I decided together to name my Granddaughter “Grace.”
    “Aprons of Silence” is always moving to different spots. It is a calming and healing presence. Remember when Temple Grandin used her calming box she invented? Well….

  3. The way you do your quilts, reminds me of the artist in the fantasy novel by Charles de Lindt called Memory and Dream. The main character Izzy created such fantastic paintings that they created a doorway into other worlds. When you talk about the dance, the creation of your work, just made me think of Izzy.

    1. How nice, Years ago, in school, I made a sculpture. It was a door hanging from a tree in the woods. A friend told me it reminded her of “The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe” I read the whole series after that.

  4. Too COOL! I was watching Mr. McFerrins video… seein yur quilt… where you would have to dance around it… loving the moves in the video… And I knew the words to the song!! Quite different from what I knew, but heard it! It’s a Joan Armatrading song! Check out her talent. Luv my quilt!!!

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