Check out the Art in the latest Gallery 99

Tomorrow between 6-7:30  is the opening for the latest Gallery 99 show.  If you can’t make the reception you can visit the show in the lobby of the Charles Wood Theater, 207 Glen St Downtown Glens Falls through July 2nd from noon-7:30pm.  Or you can just check out the show on the video.  For more info  see  APE

Yesterday after the Gallery 99 show was hung Diane and I found an injured pigeon on the sidewalk outside the theater.  Diane has worked with Raptors so she could see the pigeon hadn’t eaten for a while and would starve if we didn’t do something.  We were going to get Sushi and talk about the next show at the Pig Barn Gallery, but instead put the bird in a box and took him to Diane’s house.  Her boys and husband immediately helped out, going on line to see what could be done for him and feeding him water with an eye dropper.  When he wouldn’t eat, Diane called a Wildlife Rehabilitator so he could be with the experts.

Then we had last nights leftovers (delicious baked ziti) for lunch.  We made some decisions together about the next show.   I’m  planning on having it on Columbus Day Weekend.  We’ll hook up with Gardenworks again and have some of their local cheeses for the reception. It will be a Functional Art Show.  Some of the exhibitors we’re thinking of are:  Blown glass earrings, hand spun knitted hats, pottery, hand made pincushions, Diane’s computer parts boxes, and my potholders.    I’m excited already!


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