Gallery 99 “Kiss of Death”

Gallery 99 is back!   Great art for $99 or less.   Diane Swanson, Joyce Zimmerman (both have work in the show) and I hung it in the lobby of the Charles Wood Theater today.(207 Glen St Glens Falls NY)  We’ll be going to the opening reception Friday, June 24th between 6 and 7:30 pm.  There will be three  shows in the theater throughout the summer.   The theme of each show will be based on the play that is running.  The first is “Kiss of Death”, this Gallery 99 show deals with the dark side.

I loved meeting Joyce, who grew up in Coney Island.   You can imagine she had some work that fit the theme.  She has 5 wonderful assemblages in the show.  Each is based on a woman from the Bible.  They are photo  collages, in plastic containers,  of her sculptures of the same subject.  In the video she describes one sculpture of a  6 foot tall women  with 1000 plastic baby dolls sewn to her skirt.

“Kiss of Death” is on display June 22 – July 2.  Monday – Saturday noon to 7:30 pm.  The other artists in the show are Nicole Catalpano, Tom Ryan, Shelley Valachovic,  and Tom Watkins.



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