Ready for bed…

I plan to finish my Expansion Quilt this weekend

Just got back from the Gallery 99 opening.  We bought  “Job’s Wife” one of Joyce Zimmerman’s assemblages.    An hour and a half of fun with Diane, Patrice and Anne aka “The Lovely Ladies”   then sushi and sake and greentea ice cream.  I’m ready for bed.

2 thoughts on “Ready for bed…

  1. Your expansion quilt really is lovely and reminds me of your trip to NYC. Very powerful. I love it as much as the Goddess quilt.

    Congrats on the new addition to your family (Simon).

  2. This. Is. Amazing!

    I think this combination of colors and slices is one of the most intriguing quilts I have ever seen, seriosly. You know, it makes me think of fall in art college. Oranges and browns mixed with hues of impact. Hot dang, woman.

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