Catching up with my signature

My signature has evolved.  My first quilts I didn’t sign.  At some point I came up with a symbol in a rectangle which I think I may have stitiched on a quilt or two.  Then I started using embroidery thread and stitching a big “MARIA” on my quilts.  Lately I’ve been using a permanent marker and my initials MW.

Today for the first time I used my sewing machine. I  practiced once and did what came naturally.  A spirally M W.  When I looked at it I thought, “That doesn’t look like me”.  But who knows.   I’ve evolved too,  maybe I  just haven’t caught up with my signature.

The back of my Expansion Quilt

5 thoughts on “Catching up with my signature

  1. Hmmmm.Of course it’s your signature,so what do I know? But I found the swirly MW looked like inverted paw prints—what do donkeys hoofs look like?
    p.s. this quilt is contagious;the colors are yummy!

  2. I love the sewing machine stitching your initials (or maybe some day your signature) on your quilts. So much stronger than the old permanent marker. You’re a great artist. You should have a distinctive way of signing your work. The swirly,curly initials today were what was in your heart. Maybe another day,another piece you’ll stitch them in a different fashion! But they’ll always be you. Uniquely telling your story. That’s the magic. :o)

  3. Maria,

    You always inspire me to see beyond the first look.

    Even though I would normally avoid orange, I am drawn to this quilt each time I see it. The lines are wonderful and will bring vibrancy to a room, an uplift, a smile…whatever the buyer sees in it , too.

    Your signature has an impact, too. Your heart will tell you which one to choose.

    Thanks, always, for sharing your heart with us.

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