Home is where the toaster is

I finished “Leaving the Tribe” today and stitched a tiny MW on the bottom right corner.  I think the sewing machine signature is going to work.

detail from "Leaving the Tribe"

I have to say, I love the  migrating paper-dolls.  I think I’ll start my next streaming piece with them or their cousins. And the toaster, there’s nothing like a kitchen appliance to make me feel at home.

7 thoughts on “Home is where the toaster is

  1. The paper dolls are having a good time!! Ha ha!! I just bought a new Toaster the other day; so glad they are still pretty cheap! :)) Have a great week and holiday, Maria!

  2. This is so captivating, Maria! Everything is a symbol. Would love to see you do “life passage” pieces…sort of commemorations of events that everyone goes through in life.

    I love this piece. Your ability to see and translate both the most minor and the most meaningful moments just knocks me out.

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