Going to the Post Office

I’ve always loved the beautiful ride to the Cossayuna Post Office.   It makes shipping my quilts and potholers a pleasure.   The Post Office is a tiny place and the postmistress is always friendly and helpful, and there’s never a line.   It’s one of the perks of living in upstate NY.  As I was driving there this morning to ship some quilts I thought I’d share the experience.  The music is Jennifer Berezan and Friends “In These Arm”.

11 thoughts on “Going to the Post Office

  1. I love the video. I also loved seeing your last quilt hanging up; it looked so different from when it was on the floor — so bright and vital.

  2. This brought up so many memories of my grammy’s farm in Middletown, NY. Wish I could go home again.

  3. Your video has a dreamy feel that I appreciate – a pleasure to watch with a wonderful choice of music. The countryside is so sweet! Thank you for sharing, Maria.

  4. I am not much on videos I would rather read. For some reason I watched this one. I rather enjoyed the ride. Charming post office and country side. Music can add so much to a drive. Thanks for sharing.

  5. What a sweet and peaceful video. I loved it! Did you take it while you were driving? Oh my. My dau. drives and texts. What’s a Mom to do? She’s forty-two yrs. old for pete’s sake.
    I sure hope what I wish for is in one of those boxes. :o)

  6. I enjoyed watching the video, the countryside looked lovely, but it seemed strange as you guys drive on the right hand side and we in Australia drive on the left hand side! Also, I enjoyed the relaxing driving music! :)

  7. After watching this peaceful video, I had to look up Jennifer Berezan. Love her sound. Just downloaded some of her music. Thanks for “introducing” her to me.

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