Why they’re called sheep

View of the sheep from my studio

Every morning before going to my studio, I fill up the water bucket for the sheep.  During the day, while I’m working I look up and see the sheep grazing or running from one side of the pasture to the other.  If there’s one thing true about sheep, it’s that when one of them moves the others follow.  I never get tired of watching sheep act like sheep.  In the middle of the day they gather under the shelter and rest in the shade.

Today I sat in the pasture and watched the sheep, waiting for a few of the more curious ones to come to me.  They sniffed around,  grazed, rubbed up against me,  and wanted to be scratched.  ( That’s Bartlby in the beginning of the video and you can hear Simon calling out from the other field)    Soon they lost interest and wandered off one after the other.


6 thoughts on “Why they’re called sheep

  1. I love the videos you and your husband put out. You have a wonderful way with animals i’ve watched you with the donkeys too. you have a gift with animals and a gift with art and just wanted to say i am a definite fan

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