4th of July Parade, Argyle NY

Growing up on Long Island the parades went on for what seemed hours and were mostly Little League teams and school bands.

It was my first time at the The Argyle 4th of July parade.  It ran 3 or 4 blocks  and lasted about 45 minuets.  There were tractors and old cars, horses, bands on floats and bagpipers on foot.  There were fire trucks from 4 different towns and  the people in the parade threw candy to the kids watching.  We got there a half hour before it started and the street was already lined with families and their lawn chairs.  We sat  in the Presbyterian Ministers driveway on borrowed chairs and a man walked by commenting on the idea of a parade without a beer.  Argyle is a dry town.

I guess it amazes me that with all the technology we have and all it can bring us, we still want to watch a parade and people still want to be in them.

7 thoughts on “4th of July Parade, Argyle NY

  1. Loved the ‘knee-high’ perspective and the pooper scooper duty! Americana like I’ve never seen before. Thanks for the chuckles, Maria.

  2. I enjoy the perspective! I don’t know what it is exactly but I love your videos of feet, legs, wheels, short children and dogs. I think it’s because the ego is taken out of the mix. I must think ego resides in the head and reflects itself in clothes and hair and make-up. Pretension seems to fly out the window when I see just the basics of where we all connect to the earth.

  3. I woke up this morning (the day after I wrote the previous comment) and it came to me how both you and Jon talk about the earth that sustains us. Your video in NYC and this one embody that same spirit. It’s loving; like when I see you in the sweet images and videos with Simon. This is your way of loving the earth. That’s what I see, anyway. Thank you!

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