Potholder Contest Begins

The Potholder Contest officially begins today.  I was going to have some complicated rules, but decided, since I’ve gotten such a large response, to make it simple.

I’m giving away 3 potholders, so there will be 3 different winners.  If you’d like to try and win a potholder, just leave a comment saying so.   If you’ve already left such a comment, you’re in the contest.

On Tuesday, July 12th at 12 noon I’ll pick 3 names from a bowl.  The first person picked gets the first potholder, the second the second potholder etc.

I’ll email the winners and post them on the blog.

You don’t have to live in the US to enter the contest.

I think that covers it all.

Good Luck everyone!

321 thoughts on “Potholder Contest Begins

  1. Great idea, these potholders. I do a lot of cooking with cast iron skillets, so I’ll put a good petina on them!

  2. Love your pot holders, I show them off in my kitchem. My daughters saw them so they now have one. Hope I am not to late to enter the contest

  3. Thanks for the opportunity to be in your contest. I love your potholders and may purchase one. I didn’t really expect to win… but it was exciting to consider the possibility! I read the Bedlam Farm blog every day and I can really feel your affection for Simon and the sheep…. now I’m starting to read your blog… it’s good…I’m a “direction following” quilter so I’m inspired by your creativity.

    thanks again!


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