Potholder quilt

I really love the way the night sky piece of fabric seems to recede on one of the contest potholders.  It seems like you can look right into it, like a window into the night.

So I thought I’d try a quilt based on the potholder.  It’s a bit tricky, because scale changes everything, but this is what I came up with.   Looking at the photo, I can see that the night sky needs to be surrounded by lighter colors and although the brown works in the design, it doesn’t have the effect I’m looking for.    Maybe I’ll switch the night sky fabric with the red and patchwork fabric.  When I do this something else will happen that I can’t yet see and I’ll have to change it again. I’ll just have to wait till tomorrow and see what I do.

The Potholder Contest ends 12 noon on Tuesday, so there’s still time to enter.  (see Friday’s post)  Thanks for the great response so far, I’ll have to do this again!

15 thoughts on “Potholder quilt

  1. The starry starry night fabric is one of my favs. That was the primo pot holder for me! I love that fabric and on my eyeglass case it definately seems to recede. It was bordered by a mustard flower print then into the black sky fabric with colorful stitching in it.(can’t you tell I love that case?)
    Hugs to Miss Frieda, Cindy

  2. Love the night sky piece in the middle…..kind of like the whole universe whirling around the night sky.

  3. I’d like to enter your potholder giveaway. When I look at your potholders I see thoughtfulness, love, affirmation and joy and I’d love to see them in MY house and see that!

    Thanks for all beauty that you put out into the world through not only your potholders but yourself and your life.

  4. Maria,

    Who else can put fun into the summer but you! Your potholders remind me of the burst of color I’m seeing in my cottage garden now.


  5. Like you said in your post, I never win contests! However I have to say that I do love your potholders and other art!! Good luck with your contest.

  6. I love the night sky in the pot holder and in the quilt. I’m always eager to see what NEW thing you’ve come up with. What a joy it was to meet you in the pig barn. Thanks for the contest. I won an electric grill when I was 10 years old… at a super market drawing. I’d rather win a pot holder. But you know what? I think it’s just fun that you’ve done the contest, and will be excited for whoever wins.

  7. Maria, I’m a quiltmaker in the more traditional sense. I absolutely love your approach to quilt making. I love how they reflect you and your soul. Thanks for adding me to your drawing.

  8. Maria,
    As sometimes happens I do not make myself clear. I just had the idea of this huge potholder quilt hanging at an angle on the wall from the loop, looped over a faux king size kitchen drawer handle. Decoration for that wall complete.

    1. I think I got that eventually, but it took me a a little while to grasp it as it sometimes does with me. It’s actually a great idea, I can picture the whole thing on a huge white gallery wall.

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