One Huge Affirmation

Mary in the Thrift Store

I met Mary Muncil for tea at the Northshire Bookstore in Manchester Vermont today to talk about some ideas we had about doing an event together in the Pig Barn Gallery.  Mary is a Minister and Spiritual Counselor, she married Jon and me and blessed the Pig Barn before it became a gallery.  She’s also a friend and after tea we hit the Manchester Thrift store. (I bought a couple of things to wear and lots of good stuff for my quilts and potholders)

I got my idea to do a contest on my website from Mary.  She did a few including one where she gave away some of her skin balm.  Between Mary coming up with the idea and Jon gently persuading me to have my own contest, I finally relented.

And am I glad I did.  It has become one huge affirmation.   I can’t believe I was so nervous, what’s not to like?  Almost 300 people telling me they like my work and want to own it.  Stories, poems, and new connections.  People I know personally, names I know well and many I’ve never seen before.  I feel like part of a  new community.

I guess the rattlesnakes are hibernating, my only regret is that everyone can’t win.

I’ll be posting the winner tomorrow at noon, you can enter the contest till then. (See Potholder Contest post)


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