Through My Window

I didn’t plant sunflowers outside my studio this year, but I did plant morning glories. The leaves have made a curtain on the corner of my window with the perfect space to look through.  With my newly cleaned windows, everything sparkles in the afternoon sun.  It’s a bit magical.

12 thoughts on “Through My Window

  1. This is truly magical. What a lovely frame of the view to your home.My morning glories are great but I planted sun flowers this year and none came up. I wonder if the birds or other wildlife ate the seeds?
    Cape tomorrow! Yay…so much to do and I”m procrastinating and getting distracted all over the place.
    Enjoy your week, Cindy

    1. Enjoy your vacation Cindy, I always plant my sunflower seeds in a pot and transplant when they’re about 10″ high otherwise they don’t survive.

  2. Good Morning, Maria. I put another comment on yesterday’s Post discussing art & what to put out into the world.
    Thanks for putting this beautiful pix into the world for me to look at first thing Friday Morning. Now, I will take my cup of coffee & my 2 Labs, Choco & Grace, out front and look at the leaves, the flowers, & the mountains.

  3. My sunflowers didn’t come up either and I didn’t plant morning glories. I regret that now. They are so so pretty. Next year. I like the night sky pattern too. The moon was awesome tonight.

    1. Hey Fran, Wasn’t it! I thought I planted some moon flowers with my morning glories, but they didn’t come up. There’s always next year.

  4. Dear Maria, the pic of your window is lovely, but the pic Jon took of you with the sheep and posted today is BEAUTIFUL! How I appreciate you allowing him to post pictures of you! I know you are a private person, but when Jon takes pictures of you, your compassionate soul comes through. I really like your quilt art, too. Thank you for sharing with us, Annie

  5. Anyone who lives around the Washington County Area – the Open Studios Tour is a great thing to do this weekend.
    I enjoyed several of the Studios Today & plan on visiting more Sunday: 10-5. There are maps at Battenkill Books on Main Street in Cambridge. The Tour is sign-posted, and the drive is lovely.

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