“…two lovely thoughtful women…”

I got some great potholder stories from the potholder contest.  So I thought I share some of them.  This is from Karen Kosky Coker one of the winners:

“Many moons ago(in the early 80’s) I was delivering mail in Staten Island NY.  Some people just took for granted that mail would appear in the box hanging by their front doors.  Others had a keen appreciation for the folks who make that happen.  Two elderly sisters on my route each quilted a potholder for me.  What a wonderful and personal gift.  (And they worked,  nothing worse that burning one’s hand on  a poorly crafted potholder)  Every time I use these potholders (yes, I have them after all these years) I think of these two lovely and thoughtful women.”

(The night sky potholder was a pretty popular.   Since I have more of the fabric I’ve decided to make more.  The one above is in it’s early potholder stage.)

7 thoughts on ““…two lovely thoughtful women…”

  1. Lovely! Maria, please reserve 2 of the new night sky potholders for me? They really call to me! Thank you.

  2. This story was such a good one and I am glad you shared it. The fabric is gorgeous.
    So very sorry to hear about Bartleby. I think I know how much you loved him by the pictures of the two of you when he was so small. You and Jon gave him a chance at life and it is only fitting that he left it on Bedlam Farm. My thoughts are with you.

  3. If you haven’t already gotten committments for the few you are making, I’d like to put in an order for one with the night sky. I’m “moonstruck.”

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