An organized and busy mind

After hanging the Gallery 99 show yesterday, Diane and I  went to see Joyce’s studio.  It’s a few blocks from the Theater in an old shirt factory  (which is also the name of the building) that has been turned into artists studios and galleries.  The building also has yoga, acupuncture, and some unique shops.

The Shirt Factory is like so many buildings that have been reclaimed for creative use.  It has that lived-in industrial feel.  It smells like something creative is happening.  A mix of  paint and incense.  There are flyers and invitations in the stairwells and each door reflects the art that is being made behind it.  It has the feeling of a busy building that is closed for the day.  The artists are rarely there at the same time, so there’s always a feeling of the  expectation of their return or the room recently closed up.

Joyce shares her studio space with 2 other artists.  She works in many different mediums and she had 3(I think, I may have lost count)  different series of work going on at the same time.  Hanging on her wall was her latest completed series of three dimensional collages using birds as a symbol for freedom.

She’s been working with one of the potters in the building making what look like large ceramic beads that hang from sticks looking like they have a purpose we should be familiar with.   She wants them to make some kind of sound and I have no doubt that she’ll figure out how to do it.  Joyce also paints, in the past it’s been mostly abstract, but recently her paintings are becoming representational.

Her studio had the feeling of an organized and busy mind.  A comfortable and focused place.  I’m hoping to show some of Joyce’s work in the Pig Barn Gallery in the spring.  No doubt she’ll have a few new series going by then.

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