Googling Gingher

Well, it’s 8 potholders and 1 streaming piece later and I’m afraid my Ginghers are not cutting so well.

So I took  Jean’s advice.   She left a comment letting me know I could send the scissors back to Gingher to have them sharpened.   Thanks Jean.  I Googled Gingher and now have more information than I can ever use about those scissors.  It costs about $7 + shipping.  Tomorrow I’ll send off my scissors and hope I didn’t ruin them by trying to sharpen them myself.  While they’re away, I’ll use my back up shears.  They seem to have done well by the sharpener and if they dull, I buy a pair of Fiskers till I get my Ginghers back.  For everyone who asked, the sharpener is a Fiskars. (Gingher also has a sharpening stone you can find on their website.)  Izzy was good enough to pose with the Fiskars Scissor Sharpener packaging.  I know if I go into a store knowing what the packaging of  product looks like, it’s easier for me to find.

I may not be as excited as I was two days ago, but I’m thrilled to finally have a place to send my Ginghers and am once again grateful for the internet and the people it puts me in touch with, for making me wiser in the ways of scissors and sharpening.

7 thoughts on “Googling Gingher

  1. I wondered when you posted the other post if you ever thought about using the rotary cutters? You do have to have the self healing mats with them, but they are quick, can buy replacement blades easily….and there is even a sharpener for them if they don’t have bad nicks in them from going over a pin or something. I even use them to cut out pajamas when I make them.

    The one thing I have found with them is to get the thin self healing mats. I have had two different white mats and they dull my blades too quick to talk about. Otherwise, my blades last a long time.

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