Potholder Quilt on it's way to it's new home

I was in such a fowl mood today, (although I must say I felt a lot better after seeing all the responses to the yesterdays post. If we can connect with each other over sharp shears, there’s hope) I think I’ll write about yesterday……

…..Yesterday, I finished my potholder quilt and went to the Cossayuna post office.   When I came in the postmistress was saying to the customer in front of me, ” I thought her husband said he’d divorce her if she brought home any more kittens.”  The customer said her friend didn’t care, she was taking the kitten and he could divorce her if he wanted too.

Then I got the rest of the story.  The customer had taken in a stray cat which was pregnant.  One morning she woke up and the cat was lying on her bed nursing  6 black kittens.  The woman said her husband snores, so she didn’t hear anything unusual during the night.  “I know it’s  disgusting, ” she said, “but the kittens and bed were so clean, even the afterbirth was gone.”  She threatened to bring a kitten into the post office hoping the postmistress would take one.  Then she confessed that she really wanted to keep them all.

I’m hoping the next time I go to the post office there will be a box of kittens.  Not that I want a kitten, but I wouldn’t mind cuddling with one for a few minutes.




5 thoughts on “Yesterday

  1. There is nothing like a soft furry baby kitten to get rid of a foul mood or any kind of heartache.

  2. When I was 7, I woke up in the middle of the night to a litter of Kittens on my bed that our cat, Felix had. It was surprising enough that the kittens were born out in the open like that, but more surprising because we thought Felix was a boy! I asked my mother how they got there, and she said “God put them there.”. What a good and logical answer. Thanks for the cute story, Maria.

    1. I bet this happens more than we would think, obviously the cats feel really safe around you sleeping people. I love your mom’s answer, argue with that when you’re 7.

  3. It is amazing not only what you can find on the Internet these days but what you may find at the foot of your bed when you wake up in the morning. When I was a child I woke to find our dog had a litter of pups at the foot of my bed — 8 of them! Love your potholders Maria!

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