Small and busy

The only thing I knew this morning, when I got into my studio was that I wanted to make a quilt.  I had no pictures or colors or designs in my mind.  So I just started looking at my fabric and pulled out colors from the boxes and patterned pieces from my shelf.  I started by piecing together a small rectangle, placed it on my floor then found pieces to put around it. This one wore me out.  It’s small, but I get tired just looking at it.    Maybe it’s too busy and needs a few more quiet places where the eye can rest.  I’ll know tomorrow morning when I can see it for the first time again.

7 thoughts on “Small and busy

  1. Maria have you thought of buying or making a design wall? I have one that I found at Joanns it was hmmm in the $20 vicinity i am thinking. Can’t imagine designing with it. You could probably make your own too. Mine is like 60″ x 72″. It is so nice to be able to step back and look at your layout rather than look down at a table of floor.
    Quilt is looking great.

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