Where’s your potholder?

I like to cut the batting for my potholders outside when I can.  I use a layer of cotton batting and a layer of  insul-brite  inside my potholders. ( I get my insul-brite from Fabrics Unlimited, it’s $5.49 a yard, a good price even with shipping.)   There are no warnings on the insul-brite, but I hate to breath it in anyway.   As soon as I start cutting,  the fibers fly, settling all over the studio.  On a hot day like today I can feel it sticking to my skin and making me even hotter.  So I lay the batting out on the patio behind my studio enjoying the change of scenery and fresh air.  It was a bit breezy today, so I used some of Hebron’s ever present rocks to hold down the corners of the batting.

Christine, who’s potholders I posted on yesterdays blog, said  she’d be interested in seeing my potholders and quilts in their new  environments.   I think it could be fun, so if anyone is interested in emailing a photo of  a potholder or quilt where it is now hanging, please do and I’ll post it on my blog.

9 thoughts on “Where’s your potholder?

  1. Maria, I think that your valley is the most beautiful scene in our state, and your quilting in the foreground only enhances it! I live in the Fingerlakes, and our view of Cayuga Lake is also beautiful, what impressive geography we are blessed with!! It nourishes my soul. Annie

  2. You’ll have to wait to see mine until I can get my tech-savvy granddaughter over here to take a pic and get it onto my computer.

    There! I have no shame. I admitted to the blog-o-sphere that I am technology-challenged. 8)

  3. Ahem, that is a very interesting sculpture. You certainly have a lovely view from your patio. I’ve not commented before, but I have been admiring your beautiful work, your creativity, and your blog for many months. I hope you get lots of photos of your work gracing the homes of their new owners.

    1. The sculpture is by a friend, Bobbi Goldman. She was a nurse and was doing work dealing with the body. This one is rather phallic, but up close you can clearly see the influence of the spine and stomach, posture in general too.

  4. I’m with you,Suzanne. I’ve taken the photo of the potholder, now need to have someone show me how to send it!

    Love Jon’s photo today, Maria, of you shoveling…..doodoo! You go, girl.

    1. This is great Sally, not only will I get the photo’s but lots of people will learn how to send a photo, hopefully! I haven’t seen the photo of me yet, but then, I was there.

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