Pincushions that look good enough to eat

I met Jane McMillen at a craft fair in Poultney Vermont a few years ago.  It was the first time I sold potholders and Jane bought one of my potholders and I got one of her felted pincushions.

I remember her work as being magical.  Flower pots of felted flowers that had a secret box inside, beautifully crafted pincushions that looked good enough to eat.

Jane is one of the six artists who will be showing and selling her work in The Functional Art Show in the Pig Barn Gallery.

We still don’t have all the details down, but the show will be on Columbus Day Weekend,  Saturday Oct 8th and Sunday Oct 9th from 11am – 4pm.  The Artist reception will be on Saturday from 1-3.  If we still have some sheep, Jon and Rose will do some herding.  We’ll be raffling a quilt made by Gretchen Pinkel.  We’ll have some more of Gardenworks local cheeses at the reception and you can also buy Jon’s new book “Going Home, Finding Peace When Pets Die”  at Gardenworks and Jon will sign them at the Pig Barn Gallery.

10 thoughts on “Pincushions that look good enough to eat

  1. I love hand made pin cushions, and they are so hard to find. I had one for many years, and then it starting falling apart, done in finally by one of my dogs, who decided it was a toy (and carefully avoided the pins). That’s what I get for cutting fabric on the floor! Anyway, I had to buy a “manufactured” pin cushion and it just isn’t as much fun.

  2. Thanks, Maria. Both her website and Etsy site (which I linked from her website) are blank (except for her show dates), except the shows she’s doing. If you could pass on my email to her, let her know I’d be very interested in purchasing one.

  3. The pincushion is adorable and believe it or not “inviting”(?) Love it! I am looking forward to the next Art Show.

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