Warrior in Magenta

I was finishing up my magenta quilt when Bailey (she helped me clean my studio) came in to visit.  She looked at the quilt lying in on the floor and said some very nice things which, of course, made me very happy. Then she looked at one of the pieces of fabric and said “warriors in pink”.    She was reading something written on a scarf I used in the quilt.  I remember deliberately choosing to keep the writing in (it also has printed on it “Powered by Ford”) but didn’t remember what it said until Bailey read it.  “That’s it!” I said,”What a great title.”

But the quilt has less to do with pink and everything to do with magenta.  So I moved things around a bit and decided on “Warrior in Magenta”

Sometimes, with a little help, things just come easy.  

13 thoughts on “Warrior in Magenta

  1. Hi Maria, This magenta quilt is beautiful.Really cool too!
    (I must tell you, last night I was out and when I came home my man was asleep and he had pulled up the vibrant flowered quilt over him, face side down. He looked too cute in a lump with all your yarn ties covering him!)
    Hi to your girl Frieda, Cindy

  2. Nice! I like this – hot pink is one of my favorite colors, so bright and cheerful. Sorry I didn’t get to purchase a potholder but we’ll definitely be at the art show in October. Have a great day!


  3. I just love the double focus of this quilt, Maria. All of your work is beautiful, creative and interesting…..but I am really taken by this piece. I wager it will sell very quickly in your next art gathering.

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