Too many choices

Jon and I went to Jane McMillian’s house yesterday to take photos (well, Jon took the photos) of Jane’s pin cushions.

I had only met Jane once before a few years ago but she welcomed us into her home.  The house smelled of home made bread  (which we each had a piece of before leaving) and there were peaches on the table ready for canning.  “The whole house is my studio” she said and showed us three different rooms with three different projects going and then her storage area in the basement.  She brought out a box and I started pulling out her pincushions, oogling over each one.  Then a bag filled with mini pincushions made using bottle caps. Jon took a million photos in the house and outside. Pincushions on tables, pincushions on  ironing boards,  pincushions on the roof of the shed, close-up, far away, in focus and out of focus. So many to choose from, it’s hard to know which will make the best image for the invitation.

One thing I do know, I’ll be buying one of those mini pincushions and I’ll have a whole weekend to decide which one I want.

11 thoughts on “Too many choices

  1. This is such beautiful ,functional art. I love these. 🙂 Will she be showing at your gallery in Oct.?

  2. Maria, does Jane have a website for her pin cushions and will you be making any eyeglass cases soon? I love my potholders and will send you a picture soon.

    1. Jane’s email is [email protected] I don’t think she has her website completely up an running yet, but I’m sure she’d love to hear from you Victoria. I’m not planning on any more eyeglass cases soon. I’m glad you like your potholders Victoria!

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