Happy Birthday Jon

Oh this happy day when Jon was born.  Off to celebrate in Vermont.  Lucky me.

8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Jon

  1. Maria, You are taking such great pictures! I can’t believe that your Magenta Warrior quilt is done already!! It looks gorgeous behind your new computer. I love your pic of Jon here, and the one you took of him and Simon. My wish for you both on Jon’s b-day is that you have at least 40 yrs left on this planet to bless each other and us all, too!! (Iknow that puts Jon at 104, but lets think positive!)

  2. Please give Jon my b’day regards. (We’re the same age). Enjoy your celebration, you’re both so lucky to have found each other. Best wishes to you both for many many more birthdays to celebrate together.

  3. Dear Maria,
    This is a wonderful picture of the Jon I never thought I would see when I first started reading his blog several years ago. There were days when I prayed that he would not give up. It is such a sweet miracle when two such deserving people as you and Jon find each other. You are his anchor in the storm and it shows. So happy to see the joy in his face.

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