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I met Suzy Fatzinger when she and her family came to visit the farm a few years ago.   Suzy brought   a big bag of homemade chocolate chip cookies.   We’ve been long distance friends ever since. She lives in Pennsylvania, so we don’t see each other much but Suzy and I connect on a level of creativity (we have a similar aesthetic), animals and I think, the way our minds work.

She has 2 sweet goats and spins her own wool so when I decided to have a Functional Art Show in the Pig Barn Gallery, I immediately thought of Suzy.

She just sent me these photo’s of 2 baby hats she made for the show and explained how they came to be.

” They were Maine inspired simply because I love Maine, and I was so happy to get away.  My enthusiasm churned up the ideas for the hats and I couldn’t wait to knit them up.  I knitted them at the campsite, on the beach, chatting an afternoon away with friends (that we joined up with, once we were there), and on the long way home again.  Lot’s of happy energy infused in them.”

“The wool I used, (for the hats) is not mine.  I bought it from a lovely woman in central NY who followed her dream and bought a huge barn and now lives in that barn (in an apartment) with her sheep and angora goats and her husband.  She teaches at a local HS to support herself.  I love to buy her rovings – for the colors but also because they come from well loved animals.  I look for her specifically when I go to Rhinebeck, and she has a blog      (, that I enjoy reading.”


6 thoughts on “Suzy’s Happy Hats

  1. They are both delightful~I am sure they would keep your head nice and warm in the winter. 🙂 Nice colors 🙂

  2. I’m thrilled with the way Suzy turned my Mother Fiber (“wool is the Mother of All Fibers!”) into those lovely hats! Thank you so much for displaying them on your blog, and, thank you, Suzy, for being such a faithful fiber friend and long-time customer!

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