If you ask for help……

I woke up early this morning, the next Pig Barn Gallery show on my mind.  Last week I became a sponsor with the Washington County Cheese Tour so I could spread the word about the show through their event.   But that meant I had to have the invitations done for the show by the end of August and this morning  I was still waiting to hear from two artists whether they would be in the show or not.

So instead of lying awake in bed and worrying about it,  I got up and logged onto Vistaprint to get the invitations started.  I used Vistaprint for the last invitation with little problem, but this morning I just couldn’t figure out how to download the print for the back of the card.  After an hour I gave up and decided to call my friend Diane for help.  In the past I would have worked all day, getting nowhere, before asking for help.  But I’ve found, as they say, when you ask for help, it comes.

First Chung-ah Park (a potter) left a message saying she was interested in being in the show.  Then Diane came over and helped me figure out the invitations (I’m not quite done, but getting there). After that  Susan Leader (another potter) emailed me that she  also wanted to be a part of the exhibit.

By the evening everything had fallen into place.  I think part of the reason asking for help works is that when you get desperate or strong enough to ask, you are really willing to do what it takes to make it happen.


8 thoughts on “If you ask for help……

  1. Hi Maria, What a great post. I believe that it takes strength to ask for help.In the old days I thought it meant weakness.A part of the asking is to remain humble and teachable. I strive for this and have actually done a great job over the recent years!
    This show is going to be smashing! We are soo looking forward to it. :) Cindy

  2. Desperation and strength leading to willingness…… that is worthy of pondering today. Asking for help and being open to receiving leads to community with other like minded women. I wonder why I’m so resistant to doing that and why it is always the last resort? Terah

  3. Ah! I love asking for help, I’m always pleasantly surprised at the results…for 40 years I lived in fear that if I asked, no one would! Good for you Maria!

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