The Privileged Potholder

This is one of my potholders hanging in the Raquette Lake Bakery in Raquette Lake NY  (way up in the Adirondacks).  Holly, who owns the bakery emailed me:

“I must tell you though, my other potholders are somewhat resentful because they have to work, but my Full Moon Fiber Art potholder seems to be a white collar worker.  Her job is to just hang around looking beautiful”

I didn’t think I was making privileged potholders, but why not just hang around looking good if you can.





6 thoughts on “The Privileged Potholder

  1. Love the pictures of where the potholders hang. Are any of them workers? So far, they are too beautiful to work. Can’t say I’ve ever been too beautiful to work, myself. Thanks for getting the chickens back to the farm, Maria. I really missed them!

  2. Why not just indeed?
    Of course anything I’ve seen you make falls into the looking good category! I consider my potholders of yours as ambassadors to the kitchen, a visual welcome that no casserole need embellish.

  3. Maria, speaking of pot holders! I have been enjoying my new potholders and showing them off to friends and family. I keep thinking, these are too nice to use! Actually I can’t wait for cooler weather so I can fire up the oven and pull that first fall pot roast out with my new “Maria” potholders. Thank you so much, I just love them! Terri Brown

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