A Gentle Quilt

I pieced together my latest quilt yesterday.  My idea was to make a gentle quilt.  The tan corduroy is a piece of a shirt and I left the pocket, button holes and a loop off the pocket ( I can’t imagine what that might be  used for).

I cut up an old torn and stained quilt top that Jon bought for me at Sheldon’s Farm Stand in Salem.  The colors were perfect and I putting it next to the flowered piece which has similar colors but is so completely different.   From a distance they actually blend.  Some of the fabric I’ve had for years, and some I just got last week.  The peach is a house coat from the 1950’s.   The dark green stip with blue ovals was sent to me from a reader. It’s from a line of Gee’s Bend fabric.  The most incongruous piece, above the white rectangle, is a tie.  It’s a bit of a stretch color wise (which is why I used it)  but the diagonals work well with the piece below it.

end fabric

13 thoughts on “A Gentle Quilt

  1. Hi Maria, This is a sweet quilt. It’s so interesting to hear your particulars on the actual building of the piece.
    Such a soothing quilt.
    Now…I wonder if someone out there actually knows what that pocket loop was for? A pen? Eyeglasses? I’ve never seen this before in all my years.
    So glad you’re enjoying your new chickens!

    1. Ah, I never thought of that Melissa, I couldn’t get carpenter pants and the hammer loop out of my mind. Glasses would be much more comfortable than a hammer.

  2. I love your color combinations Maria. So many interesting stories that quilt has to tell! I like the way you use old fabric. When my husband died I couldn’t bear to throw out all his old flannel shirts. I cut them up and made a lap quilt out of them. When I look at it I can see his hunting shirt, his gardening shirt, his camping shirt . . . each one had a special part in his life. That little quilt has so many memories for me. Thanks for sharing your quilts with us. i always enjoy seeing them.

  3. Wow, Maria; I think this is one of your most beautiful quilt to date
    “gentle” it is, and perfect way to describe it….. it just makes me sigh, ahhhhhhhh….this is definitely art.

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