The Pattern of Living Things

About two weeks ago I found out that the potter, who I thought was going to be in the Functional Art Show at the Pig Barn Gallery, wasn’t going to be able to be in the show.   So I started asking and looking around for another potter.  I went to the Valley Artisans Market in Cambridge NY and saw Chung-Ah Park’s work.  I loved it immediately.    There were bowls and cups and vases some thrown and some slab.  Each piece so unique.  There was an elegant  simplicity in the design,  and I found myself staring at the glazes as if they were a space to enter.  So I was thrilled when Chung-Ah agreed to be in the show and told me she would be making new work for it.  A variety of pieces, sizes and prices.  I haven’t met Chung-Ah yet, but we’ve talked on the phone and have been in touch through email.  She told me she’s been making crafts for twenty years.  She began with sewing and weaving, then black ash splint basketry, pastel drawing, gourdcraft and now pottery. 

She said   “I have had many wonderful teachers over the years, and I am stimulated and inspired by all art forms, past and present, but my biggest inspiration comes from nature itself.  I like to convey the beauty of the colors, shapes, textures, and patterns of both living and non-living things.  I hope each piece will be enjoyed by someone who sees the natural beauty in it.”

You can see more of Chung-Ah Park’s work on her page on the Valley Artisans Market website and at The Pig Barn Gallery on October 8th and 9th.

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