All That Pink

My Wild Rose pink potholder fits right into Sally’s pink cupboard.   I just love all that PINK!


Three of my potholders in Rebecca’s home.  It looks  so cozy.

Check out my Events page for details on the Functional Art Show at the Pig Barn Gallery, October 8th and 9th.  I’m still getting some information, so keep checking for more information.  Thanks and hope you can come to the show.



5 thoughts on “All That Pink

  1. I don’t know how it would be possible to walk past that pink cabinet and not smile! What clever pot holder customers you have Maria, all nicely displayed.

  2. Thanks for the comments about the bookcase/cupboard. Gotten for 5 bucks at an auction and I repainted it. Fun to find stuff for it. The clock on top was a wedding gift from my dad to my mom, now both gone.

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