Gentle Quilt

I finished the Gentle Quilt today and will be shipping it out to it’s new home tomorrow.

Hazel let me know that the video I posted yesterday was “private”.  I’ve fixed it, so now it’s public, for all to see.  Thanks Hazel.

5 thoughts on “Gentle Quilt

  1. You’re welcome, Maria. I do like to see your artistic ‘shorts’.

    So the gentle quilt has a home already? I’m sure they will feel the peace in it.

  2. I really love this quilt, Maria. I’m almost sorry to see it go, even though it will be loved and enjoyed by a deserving person out there.

  3. I love “gentle quilt” Maria, it will be loved, I’m sure. I too will one day own a quilt made by the talented Maria Wulf!

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