Greatness at my fingertips

Sweet days off and back to be with the animals and farm when Irene gets here.  I had big plans this morning to catch up on my bookkeeping, but as I was walking with the dogs, my head started to fill with images for a streaming piece.

I started the piece based on the idea that we all have something unique to offer the world.  When we truly open ourselves up to it, it comes through us and connects us to something greater than ourselves and touches those around us. (Greatness at my fingertips).  I laid some thin pieces of fabric over the main piece thinking it offers some depth and dimension.  I can see working with this more, having a collage effect.

I had something new in mind when I started working on this piece.  A few weeks ago a friend was in my studio and saw one of my streaming pieces.  She said she would like to have it made into a pillow. She’s a big believer in functional art.  I wasn’t sure if I liked it or not  about  I saw it until I saw it on her couch.  It looked like it had always been there.

So I decided to make some new streaming pillows for the October Functional Art Show.  This is my first one.  I’m curious to see what it will look like when it’s a pillow.

7 thoughts on “Greatness at my fingertips

  1. You brought to life the idea of ‘functional art’ to me and I now see art in a whole new way and I’m loving it. I really like this piece, I see something different each time I look at it… You are a “magical helper” that Jon writes about…you and your work inspire others – inspire me…thank you!

  2. Streaming throw pillows! I think that is a great idea your friend had. Quilted throw pillows would be great too, but I am sure you had thought of that already. Some of Jon’s photos printed on fabric and made into pillows would be good too. Maybe on the reverse side of your pillow tops. Well, it’s an idea. I’m just putting it out there.
    You and Jon stay safe.

  3. Maria, The whole concept is so moving to me, that EVERYONE is important and connected to someone else, maybe many someone elses. And I can see that idea expressed in your sewn picture so wonderfully!

    1. I’m a bit overwhelmed at all the comments, I’m going to trust it, especially with all the encouragement and know I don’t have to know.

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