Two New Homes

My Gentle Quilt on it’s bed in Sally’s  home with her cat who only makes it look better.

I have to admit, I got some photos and names mixed up and I’m not sure who these potholders belong to now.  If this is your kitchen with your potholders, please let me know.  (the counter top reminds me a bit of one of my streaming pieces.)

4 thoughts on “Two New Homes

  1. That quilt is so beautiful in its new home!! I am totally amazed at how much the color of Sally’s walls, curtains, and bedstead enhance the colors of the quilt, and even how beautiful it looks lying down, rather than hanging. I had no idea how much environment can change the appearance of something. Must be a lesson in there somewhere! Annie

  2. Hey Maria, those are your wonderful potholders in my kitchen. My daughters are already debating as to which of them will get them as an inheritance.

  3. Thanks to everyone for sending in the pictures of Maria’s creations in their new homes. I really enjoy your creativity in color & placement, as well. Sally, I agree, the color of your walls enhances the beauty of Maria’s quilt. Lovely!

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