A Two Dog Day

Today was one of those days.  It started out when I overslept, then we had to take Rose to the Vet (which happily turned out fine), skipped meditation and  got to the studio really late.

I had 11 potholder for the Functional Art Show that were already sewn together and just needed to be turn in side in  and stitched, but somehow it took me hours to do it.  I just couldn’t focus and found myself repeatedly checking my email and  messing around on facebook.  I put on some music and after a couple of songs I would turn it off then a few minutes later try listening to something else.  I made phone calls and checked my email again.  I finally got my potholders done then actually focused long enough to design another pillow (who knows if it’s good or not, I’ll find out tomorrow).

After dinner I went back to the studio to take a photo of my potholders and when both Izzy and Frieda wanted to come I let them.  From the beginning, it was a two dog day.

4 thoughts on “A Two Dog Day

  1. great photo of the the dogs, (and the potholders too) Not sure if I have seen Rose look into the camera like that very often.

  2. Well, if your day did not seem to be as orderly and productive as you had hoped, this great photo made up for it! I just had to copy it to my hard drive to show my daughter-in-law (who is really my daughter, lucky me!). She loves dogs so, and can’t have any in the apartment she shares with my son. Annie

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