Last night I had a dream that I was taking a bath in a huge room filled with people who all looked like professional wrestlers.  A couple of them kept trying to come into the bathtub with me and I was yelling to the person who I thought was in charge to tell them to get out.  After a while, when no one responded, I stood up and yelled up to the wrestler who was standing in the bath in front of me “GET OUT OF MY BATH”.

When I got into the studio today, I knew exactly what I would do.  “Get Out of My Bath” flowed out of my like water.  As I was working I realized the Wrestler was made of obligation, guilt, tradition and worry.  I surrounded him with good things, warm chairs, hot baths, cupcakes and kittens and lots of joy hoping he’ll find his way out of my bath.

(By the way, the color’s pretty accurate on this one,  except the color around the edge is less red and more pink)

12 thoughts on “GET OUT OF MY BATH!

  1. Maria,
    I love this whole post! Especially how your crazy, symbolic dream flowed out through your stitches. I have a vivid dream life too, and it’s very rewarding to see yours “materialize” (no pun intended). Just fantastic! You’ve inspired me…

  2. That is a very interesting dream and so awesome that you can express it in your streaming piece. Last night I dreamed I was eating lemon cupcakes, so I thought it neat that it was one of the good symbols you used around the wrestler.

  3. And I wonder why you gave the wrestler the big heart.I equate that to kindness and love. What do you feel about his heart? Just curious. :0

    1. I didn’t see it as a heart Cindy, but it fits into the idea that what we sometimes perceive as scary really is just misunderstood and carries a gift if we open ourselves up to it.

  4. Pink and blue are my favorite colors, I put them together every chance I get. And I love the words you included “Sacred Space” and “Joy”. Certainly having a sacred place and being able to keep it that way brings joy. Annie

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