Seeing my work in a whole new way

Susan sent me this photo of my potholders on her porch.  Such a beautiful setting, it looks like something you’d see in a magazine.

And this is my Trashy Victorian Quilt on Becca’s bed.  I have to say, I love seeing my quilts being used.  I feel as if I know them so well and then, there they are, in a whole new context.   It’s as if I’m seeing an old friend whose life I’ve lost touch with.  Someone else is becoming as  familiar with them as I am and will know them in a completely different way.  And when I’m no longer thinking about them, they continue to be used and appreciated by someone else.  It’s nice to be reminded that my quilts are  doing what I hope they would do, bring beauty and comfort to the people who own them.



6 thoughts on “Seeing my work in a whole new way

  1. It is so true. It is such a thrill to see your own handiwork (what ever media it may be) to be a part of someone’s life. A comfort in many cases to someone without your even knowing.

  2. This quilt is charming in this room. Is that a kitty at the top of the bed or a kitty pillow? Cats and quilts – the ultimate in cozy comfort. It’s lovely.

  3. I am so amazed again at how complete your work looks in its new home, Maria. The new settings bring out more of the colors and design, and I don’t know how that is even possible! Annie

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